The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday declined a petition to order a temporary halt of mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for healthcare personnel in Greece.

A court announcement said that two petitions against Greece had been received from 30 healthcare professionals in private and public healthcare facilities, who protested against mandatory vaccination as a condition for continuing their profession.

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The court refused on the grounds that temporary measures under article 39 are imposed only in exceptional circumstances, when those requesting them faced a real danger of irreparable harm.

The petitions before the court are still pending.

Beating the system

Drama’s Medical Association President George Georgiadis told SKAI that private microbiological centres are offering fake positive diagnostic tests so that “patients” can receive certification of having had COVID , with the service costing from 10-50 euros.

Following fake COVID vaccinations offered by the Palamas Health Centre in Karditsa as well as Kozanni and Thessaloniki, similar cases have seen the light of day in other regions. In Ikaria and Messolonghi there were cases of breaches regarding the vaccination process, reports Proto Thema newspaper.

Greece’s Health Minister Thanos Plevris said that health staff risk having their contracts terminated as well as fines of 5,000 euros for both the person receiving the certificate and the staff member offering it.