The Hellenic Initiative (THI) Australia has announced two further grants to support projects in Greece along with the $100,000 grant made to the Open Health Polyclinic in Athens that is run by Doctors of the World Greece that was announced last week.

THI Australia has given a $31,000 grant to The Tipping Point (TTP) Online Education Program that will enable 12 schools in regional Greece to take part in an online education program.

A THI spokesperson said the program for 14 to 18-year-old students to enable to reach decisions about their future by “bringing the world to their classrooms in three steps: the students select and area of interest, they choose a mentor and they connect online.

“The Tipping Point is a young and inspiring not-for-profit organisation in Greece making a tremendous difference to thousands of students, teachers and families across Greece,” said THI Australia President Nicholas Pappas AM.

“In just five years, TT has gone from supporting five schools to 395 schools across Greece, and THI Australia is proud to be partnering with TTP for the third consecutive years.”

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Under the program close to 600 students took part in 104 live sessions with mentors from across the globe.

The other project to benefit from a THI Australia grant was the Boroume Farmers Market program which received $61,000.

It is the sixth year that Boroume has received THI Australia support.

Over the past year, 24 charities in Athens and Thessaloniki received 122 tons of fresh produce through Boroume.

“The Hellenic Initiative Australia is extremely proud of its partnership with Boroume, and it applauds the hundreds of volunteers who travel to the farmers markets to collect the food produce that would otherwise go to waste,” said Mr Pappas.

Between April and June, Boroume saved three million food portions that were re-distributed to people in need.

THI Australia has supported Boroume since 2015 and has committed $349,700 to the Farmers’ Market Program. Boroume has approached schools, community groups and government officials to promote the wide-ranging benefits of reducing food waste.

The founding member of Boroume, Alexander Theordoridis said: “We are forever indebted to our friends in Australia for the trust they have placed in us, and we remain optimistic and resilient despite the challenges of the pandemic.”