NUGAS Victoria has joined the call to action, supporting the protection of the Fairfield Amphitheatre and its associated buildings.

The campaign has been sparked by moves by Yarra City Council to re-develop the amphitheatre’s Dressing rooms (also known as the Pavilion) for use by the nearby rowing club.

“As the biggest Greek Australian youth organisation in Australia, we want to express our strong disagreement and disappointment with the Heritage Council’s decision not to grant heritage protection to the theatre,” NUGAS’ statement reads.

NUGAS are asking the Heritage Council to review their decision and grant the heritage protection due to the theatre contributing to the significance of Victoria’s history and development.

“The decision not to grant heritage protection undermines the cultural significance of the theatre and ignores the connection of hundreds of thousands of Greek Australians (many of them are our members) with it who have at times visited it to attend plays and events. The Greek Australian community is deeply connected to the theatre and its protection by the state is of primary importance to us,” NUGAS said.

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The university student led youth organisation also pointed to the importance of the educational aspect of the amphitheatre.

“Since the antiquity, theatre has been one of the highest and most important forms of education and the places where theatrical plays (especially Ancient Greek drama) are hosted ought to be protected. Especially when it is about a theatre with rare characteristics, and that is built in a different style than almost all other theatres in Australia.”

“We ask the Heritage Council of Victoria and the Yarra City Council to learn more about this theatre and its importance because we believe that after engaging in thorough research about it, it will become clear that this decision should be overturned, and heritage protection shall be granted,” NUGAS concluded.