In an effort to bring back Melbourne’s music scene and generally raise spirits amidst the pandemic lockdowns, and all the problems that have accumulated, a group of musicians of our parish have organised a musical performance for this Sunday, 17 October, outside Coburg’s Greek Orthodox Parish Of The Presentation Of Our Lord.

The concert of traditional and Cretan music will start at 6:30 pm and will be livestreamed from our newspaper’s Facebook page. The band features musicians Sifis Tsourdalakis on the lyre and vocals, Paddy Montgomery on the lute, Tony Iliou on guitar and George Rerakis on the lute.

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The general public is discouraged from attending in person as relevant lockdown restrictions still apply, but you can tune in at

It is no secret that the Australian music scene and entertainment industry in general has suffered greatly due to the pandemic. With the venues shut, thousands of musicians and all those who have a professional connection to the industry have lost out on millions of dollars worth of revenue.

For now Sifis Tsourdalakis and his crew of musicians intend to show that the arts are still here to stay.