Fully vaccinated Australians will now be able to have their COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

Launched this morning, the certificates are available from Medicare websites or via the Express Plus Medicare App.

In order to get the certificate, users need to get their Medicare account linked to their MyGov account.

From there, head to the “Proof of Vaccinations” page, and then register for “Request a Certificate” in order to have international COVID-19 vaccination validation.

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A four-step process of checking your vaccination data and adding Australian Passport details is required to validate data and produce a certificate which can be printed out for your next international trip.

The QR code on these certificates can then be validated at major international airports using the VDS-NC standard for cross-border COVID-19 certificates.

The QR code has the same encryption protection as ePassports and there are simple Apps being used by Authorities to scan the codes and validate certificates.