Mikis Theodorakis passed away on 2 September, 2021. In the aftermath of his death, a court battle has erupted between his daughter Margarita Theodoraki and Nikos Kouris who has for years gone by the name of Nikos Theodorakis.

A legal battle has ensued as Mr Kouris claimed last month that he is Mikis Theodorakis’ illegitimate child, a claim which has caused Ms Theodoraki to demand he take a DNA test to confirm this.

Both Margarita and George, Mikis Theodorakis’ children, have asked the courts for a temporary restraining order so that Mr Kouris cannot use the Theodorakis’ surname and the matter will go to court on 30 November.

What cannot be disputed is that Mr Kouris had a close relationship with the late legendary composer, and Mikis knew full well that Mr Kouris had started using his surname, calling him the “self-proclaimed Theodorakis”. The two had met many times, a fact that is known to the children of the late composer. At the reading of Mikis Theodorakis’ well, Mr Kouris is not mentioned to be his son, states MEGA channel, which refers to five wills drafted by the composer from 2011 to the last one in 2021. In one of the wills, drafted in 2017, Proto Thema newspaper states there is reference to Mr Kouris, the creator of an internet radio station known as Mikis’ Radio – dedicated to exclusively promoting the work of Mikis Theodorakis.

In this Will, Mr Theodorakis states his awareness that Mr Kouris uses his own surname, “and I consider him one of the greatest gifts ever given to me”. The same will calls on the executors of the will to facilitate Mr Kouris so that he can continue his work in highlighting the composers’ works without any obstacles.

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He also encourages executors of his will to allow people, such as Friends of Mikis Theodorakis Pancretan Association President George Agorastakis, to also spread his work without hindrance. He asked for his music to be freely accessible and available to all, as long as the notes aren’t changed.

The Will also expresses the desire for his home, near the Athens Acropolis, to become a museum and for the administration of this to be handled by the state, and not members of his family. “I call for my personal items in my home on 1 Epifanous Street to stay in the house once it is converted into a museum, with the responsibility of relevant state services and not its current owners,” he writes, adding that if that does not happen these items should be given to the Lilian Voudouri Music Library of Greece where his personal archives are being held.

He left is car to an institution.

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Rena Parmenidou is responsible for ensuring the wishes of his last Will are adhered to.