Forum Founder Bill Papas appeared at a Xanthi FC game in the town of Katerini on the weekend, reports The Australian.

Photos were posted online, showing Mr Pappas sitting with Xanthi FC CEO Anastasios Giamouridis and enjoying the game which resulted in a 1:1 draw with Pierikos.

A warrant has been issued for Mr Papas’ extradition to Australia following fraud allegations.

Westpac bank is seeking Mr Papas’ arrest after he allegedly breached freezing orders in the bank’s effort to get back hundreds of millions of dollars from Forum founder.

It is alleged that Mr Papas transferred $150,000 and $570,000 in two transactions to his cousin Eric Constantinidis.

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The Australian bank alleges that the money to buy Xanthi FC for $15 million came from defrauded funds.

Should Westpac prove its claim, the bank may be the eventual owner of the Greek club or seek money from the sale of the club.

On Friday, the case management hearing continues.