Comedian George Kapiniaris donned on the head scarf and raincoat and paid a visit to a Carlton pharmacy as Eli to promote the availability of Moderna “faxinations” and “boosti” shots to the local Greek community.

Dominic Chindamo, the owner of lygoneverydaychemist, turned to the comedian to drum up community awareness community over the availability of Moderna vaccinations. For many, he said, had been waiting for the arrival of the Moderna vaccine as there had been hesitancy over using other available COVID-19 vaccines.

When the vaccine arrived in his pharmacy towards the end of September, Mr Chindamo said consulted with members of the community to about ways to publicise its arrival in the shop.

“I have many relationships in the community and I turned to George Kapiniaris,” said Mr Chindamo.

Mr Kapiniaris said the pharmacy owner had long known about his work as an actor and entertainer famous not least for his work in the “Acropolis Now” series as Memo Hatzidimitropoulos.

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“Dominic asked some weeks ago to come in and promote (the availability of the Moderna vaccine). We made the videos to make people aware in a fun way because we have all been under so much stress and tension over this situation. Eli is a great character to send all this up.

“All I want is for people to know the vaccine is available and where you can go to get it done ”

“Eli” is a strong willed, cheeky yiayia who is not afraid to offer her opinions and advice in her direct Greek manner.

She was a character that Mr Kapiniaris developed when he acted in the Sue Townsend play “The Queen and I”. Eli in her and raincoat to appear on online video clips on Facebook and Instagram and will make her appearance on stage as the world finally opens up from its COVID debacle.

“I am over lockdown and nearly two years of it where I have not been abl to do my job. …Things are ramping up with more functions being held. People are getting their confidence back.”

Mr Kapiniaris is busy with preparations for Crazy Rich Ethnics Stand Up Comedy Tour set to begin touring from December. He also has plans to appear at the Adelaide Fringe Festival with “Malakarama” in March, next year – in which Eli makes another appearance.

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