Greeks in Australia, who have a Greek social security number (AMKA) and are not members of another Greek political party are entitled to vote, for the new leadership of the socialist party KINAL (Movement for Change), during the internal elections,  according to Angelos Charitou, head of the Melbourne Election Centre.

Melbourne and Sydney are among the 25 cities in the world, outside of Greece, where polling stations will be set up on 5 December, for the Greek expats who wish to cast their vote for the new leader of the centre-left political alliance which rose from the ashes of the now-defunct PASOK.

In Sydney, the polling station will be at 206-210 Lakemba St, and in Melbourne, voting will take place at 168 Lonsdale St.

Similarly Greeks living in New York, Toronto, Britain, France Belgium, Sweden, Cyprus, and Germany will also get a chance to vote.

If no president is elected on 5 December, a second round will be held between the two strongest candidates on 12 December. Only those who have already voted in the first round, will be permitted to vote in the final round.