Greek crypto boss Vangelis Tsapas has disappeared, leaving a slew of debt behind him.

Mr Tsapas, who headed HNC Revolution, the company managing the first Greek cryptocurrency is known for his activities in catering, shipping and for being the financier of basketball team Ionian Nikaia.

His “disappearance” in the last two weeks has prompted the concern of those who hold the Greek cryptocurrency which he created, but also raises alarm for the players and personnel of the Ionian basketball team.

Qatari Prime Minister, Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, is also outraged by the disappearance as one of Mr Tsapas’ companies was involved in the operation of his super-yacht, Al Mirqab.

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The companies which undertook the operation of the iconic yacht, docked at Greece’s Marina Zea, did not pay wages to crew members. A Qatari company finally paid the outstanding debt for work rendered.

The HNC Coin price has plunged since Mr Tsapas’ disappearance though Mr Tsapas claims that he has not sold any of the currency, adding also that he is currently thrashing out a deal with a new administration group to ensure the viability of the currency.

On its part, the HNC Coin team refutes this and issued a statement informing the public that the businessman is no longer the head of the cryptocurrency.

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“Following recent events, Mr Tsapas is no longer the CEO of HNC Coin and therefore has no involvement in decision making from the smooth operation and further development of the HNC Coin cryptocurrency project,” the company said in a statement released last week.

In February 2015, HNC Coin became the first Greek cryptocurrency. HNC Coin is owned by people around the world.