On Thursday, 16 December, four multicultural media journalists and media experts will come together to discuss the role multicultural media has in advocating for issues facing multicultural communities.

The discussion will look at historic and current examples of ethnic media’s role in broadening discussion and enacting critical change in Australia such as the Greek media’s role against the Greek Military Junta 1967-1975; Italian and Greek migrant workers’ rights in the 1960s; community involvement in the Vietnam War Moratoriums; the role of ethnic media in women’s rights; Indian media and its role in protesting violence against Indian students in the 1990s; as well as the pivotal role multicultural female journalists have played in supporting their communities through activism and advocacy.

The panel is facilitated by Fotis Kapetopoulos, adviser and journalist at Neos Kosmos, and Secretary of the new Independent Multicultural Media Australia. Fotis has 35 years of experience in the arts and multicultural media. Fotis was the Multicultural Media Adviser to former Premier of Victoria Ted Bailleu. He is a Smithsonian Institution Intern, a Victorian Government Leadership fund receiver, and an Asialink Arts Management Residency recipient. Fotis is currently a PhD Candidate at Deakin University examining the role of Neos Kosmos.

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Fotis Kapetopoulos is the media advisor/journalist for Neos Kosmos. Photo: Supplied

The other panel members include journalist Dina Gerolymou and the author of the book The Battle of Crete: the untold stories. Ms Gerolymou is a producer with the Greek Program of SBS Radio and is a strong advocate for women, the history of Hellenism in Australia and World War II. She produced the podcast series ANZAC Tales from Greece, which has been nominated for awards in NSW and Victoria and is an active member of Women in Media. Dina has also worked for Neos Kosmos, 3ZZZ Ethnic Radio and other outlets.

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Dina Gerolymou is an SBS journalist/producer and author. Photo: Supplied

Dr Vikrant Kishore is an academic, filmmaker, and a journalist now Senior Lecturer in Screen & Design at Deakin University. He has been narrating true stories and cultural flows of the Indian diaspora in Australia. Dr Kishore has authored many books on Indian cinema, and intangible cultural heritage. He has worked with Zee News in India as a correspondent, he contributes to SBS Australia regularly, and created two web-series – It’s my Desi Life, and Australian Indians Making a Difference for SBS Hindi.

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Kishore is an academic, filmmaker, and a journalist now Senior Lecturer in Screen & Design at Deakin University

Vikrant continues to capture news and stories of the diaspora through his online news portal Bollyoz.com. The third panellist is veteran journalist Riccardo Schirru from Il Globo and Rete Italia. Mr Schirru comes with his extensive experience in radio and print media SBS Radio, Radio 3AK, 3BM and Rete Italia. He has been working as a senior journalist working at Il Globo the Italian newspaper for the last 15 years, where he also coordinates a weekly culinary radio program broadcasting on the Rete Italia frequency.

The event takes place online from 6.00–7.30pm. Tickets are at $5 and available at https://museumsvictoria.com.au/immigrationmuseum/whats-on/ethnic-media-and-activism/