Long-time rivals Panathinaikos and Olympiacos had their latest basketball showdown on Monday with Panathinaikos beating the red-and-white team from Piraeus.

The game was played at Olympiacos’ home court, the Peace and Friendship Stadium, and saw Panathinaikos leading 36-33 before the break, with the home team taking the lead 59-48 in the third quarter, however losing 81-76 in the end.

The reds played a formidable game but the visitors bound back, taking the game in the final round despite the 70-70 draw with 2:39 left.

Panathinaikos’ small forward Leonidas Kaselakis was able to make the crucial three-point score for the Greens, a turning point in the game, bringing the score to 73-70, before Nemanja Nedovic scored a deep three-pointer to give the team a 76-72 lead with 1:42 left.

The rest of the game was then controlled by the Greens.

The successful game for Panathinaikos contribute to its 6-1 record.

They hold the second position in the standing.