The 11th Synaxis (Assembly) of Bishops of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia was held from 22-23 November in Sydney, under the Presidency of Archbishop Makarios of Australia.

A number of items were discussed. These included the following, according to the information supplied by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia:

* Since most of the clergy attend the name day of His Eminence, it was unanimously decided to hold a pan-Australian Assembly of Priests, on 18 January 2022, on the eve of the feast of St Makarios, at the facilities of the Holy Parish of All Saints, Belmore, Sydney. The Assembly will give priests the opportunity to get to know each other and to raise issues of a clerical and administrative nature with the view of reaching a resolution and settlement. More information about the program and the speakers at the Assembly of Priests, as well as practical instructions for their stay, will soon be announced to our priests.

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* The Clergy-Laity Meeting is scheduled to convene in May 2022, provided that the restrictions imposed for the pandemic are lifted and the borders of Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory are opened so that representatives from parishes there are able to participate in the Meeting.

* A committee has been established to examine the property of the Church that will be made up of expert and experienced officials and members of the Church, which will initially convene to register the property of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia at a national level and then submit proposals for its further utilisation. The basic stipulation of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios for any action of the said Committee is that “nothing of what we have received from our predecessors will be sold or disposed”.