Happy name day to Andrew, Andreas, Andrikos, Andy, André, Androulla, Andritsa, Andrea.

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Patra in the Peloponnese as well as the patron saint of various other countries and places, such as Russia, the Ukraine, Siciy, Teneriffe, Spain, and Amalfi as well as Cyprus.

St Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother, according to the New Testament, and was born between 5-10AD.

They were amongst the Twelve Apostles of Christ. He was born in Bethsaida, which was located in Galilee and is actually part of modern-day Israel.

A carpenter by trade, he was also originally a disciple of John the Baptist, or John the Forerunner. He stopped being one of John’s disciples when he learned of Jesus.

His travels took him to the Peloponnese in Greece where he was martyred because of his faith in Christ. His remains were later taken to Constantinople.

The name Andrew in Greek means manly, brave, from the word ανδρεία (manhood, valour). It is a Greek name that was common among the Jews and other Hellenised people of Judea. No Hebrew or Aramaic name was recorded for him.