PRONIA launched its 16 Days of Activism in support of the annual international campaign “Orange to the World” to End Violence against Women which began on 25 November – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. PRONIA staff members wore orange, the colour that reflects the message against gender-based violence.

The campaign is set to run until Human Rights’ Day on 10 December and during that time PRONIA IS calling on people to join in activities held by their local communities, post orange messages on social media, wear orange-coloured clothing.

PRONIA will host an Art Therapy Workshop on Friday, 3 December, that will explore through art the theme of gender-based violence and the meaning of RESPECT.

The organisation’s CEO, Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos, said: “The 16-day campaign aims to provide information and raise the awareness of violence in society and particularly violence against women. At the same time, we highlight the importance of the organisation’s work in family violence which includes family violence support services and prevention and early intervention programs. It all starts with respect”.

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In a statement on the campaign, PRONIA said that Respect Victoria’s Respect Women: Call It Out campaign highlighted messages of equality and respect and encouraged communities to call out harmful behaviours and attitudes.

“While it is great painting the world orange we also encourage people to use this time to reflect on the causes of family violence and what we can all do to change this story,” said PRONIA.

“The CEO of Respect Victoria, Tracey Gaudry, stated the 16 days of activism provides individuals and families an opportunity to reflect on what respect and equality look like couples and families an opportunity to reflect on what respect and equality looks like at home, at work, and in broader society.  Ms Gaudry went on to say ‘Gender inequality is one of the biggest drivers of family violence and violence against women’”, said PRONIA in its statement.

The 16 Days of Activism events were aimed at mobilising the community to raise awareness about gender stereotypes, women’s rights and gender equality, said PRONIA.

♦ 16 Days of Activism information and events are available at PRONIA’s social media pages till 10th December.