The anxious wait ended today for more than 45,000 VCE students who got their results after two years of COVID-19 restrictions and disruptions.

The students received their individual Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and raw study scores online at 7am with results showing that 39 students – 28 boys and 11 girls – received an ATAR of 99.95, the highest ranking possible.

The average ATAR score was 69.26, with girls averaging 70.6 and boys at 67.62.

Among the most successful school was Mount Scopus of Burwood where 53 per cent of students received ATAR results of 90 and above while MacRobertson Girls’ High School showed that 15.3 per cent of students achieved a result greater than 99 and 80.7 per cent received over 90 and the median ATAR was 95.85.

Other schools which performed well were Korowa Anglican Girls School with 40.3 per cent of students receiving ATARs greater than 95. At Melbourne High School, five students received 99.9 and the median ATAR was 94.8.

Balwyn High School which has a reputation for high results showed 16 students receiving ATARs of 99 and above and 47 receiving 97 and above.


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