In the three months since he sent he submitted his short film to the world film-festival circuit, Nico Falcone Georgiadis’ film The Promenade has garnered 27 awards, news of the most recent one arriving as Neos Kosmos spoke to him in Sweden.

The latest award was for Best Drama Short in Golden Nugget International Film Festival in UK, Bulgaria and Dubai.

Mr Georgiadis has poured his passion into this his second short film. He wrote the script, directed it, acted in its’ cast and was one of the producers.

“We had some Swedish government funding, but it was not a lot,” Mr Georgiadis told Neos Kosmos. In fact, the film was completed on the slenderest of budgets.

“It was a very low budget, but I pulled it off. I have done everything online to promote it thanks to COVID and submitted the festival fees and hoped to be one of the 50 or so films selected out of thousands that are submitted to each of the festivals,” he said.

Garnering 27 awards in three months is a good return that speaks well of the film. He hopes to keep submitting it to festivals until the end of the next European summer and hopes that it will then be picked up by streaming channel or go on to Youtube.

The poster for The Promenade highlights the awards garnered for the short film by Swedish-Greek filmmaker Nico Falcone Georgiadis. Photo: Supplied

“For me, this is about gaining recognition for my work and I hope to generate enough funds from it to finance my next film which will be full feature. I have written the script for it and I hope to film it in Athens.”

His first film, 2019’s Whose Reality 2.0 also did well, garnering among several awards the Breakthrough Performance Award at the International Film Festival of New York.

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The son of Greek parents who came from Thessaloniki to work in Sweden, Mr Georgiadis and his older brother grew up in Sweden.

“My brother, Pavlos and I were was born in Germany – my parents had met there. They left me in care of family in Greece and then picked me up when I was eight and we moved to Sweden where I grew up,” he said.

“Sweden was a very welcoming country in the 1970s and 1980s. My parents worked her for many years but returned to Greece after they retired.”

His father died in 2015 and his mum died last year after taking a COVID-19 vaccine and Mr Georgiadis went to Greece to go through the long process of settling her estate.

Mr Georgiadis who also looks after troubled youths in Sweden has also worked in the film industry since going to study at the Los Angeles Film School in the 1990s. He went on to work as an assistant director on music videos.

“I saw that I could do a better job and realised that I wanted to go and work on my own. Four years ago, I did that has gone very well.”

The Promenade, which was filmed in the southern Swedish port city of Helsinborg, is a film that charts the fates of eight people as on the city’s street. It is drama thriller with a touch of humour.

“The Promenade is a street of six different fates that unfold before the camera. The people are close to each other but do not know one another. It is is about life captured in a promenade and in a crossroad of realities,” said Mr Georgiadis.

Nico Falcone Georgiadis in director mode. Photo: Supplied

“The film is a wake-up call that we are so much into our own problems that we need to wake up to the fact that there are others who also have problems to deal with in their lives.”

The response to The Promenade has been good and we will see what the future holds,” Mr Geordiadis said.

He says Australian film festivals are very much in his sights over the coming months.