Greek health authorities announced 23,340 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, a jump from the 18,834 reported the previous day.

In its daily bulletin, the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) said 106 people died from Covid-19, compared with 101 on Monday, rising the overall fatalities from the coronavirus to 22,197.

EODY also said there are currently 673 patients intubated in Greece’s ICUs, one more than a day ago.

The total coronavirus cases reported in Greece since the start of the pandemic rose to 1,703,396.

Meanwhile, the platform for immunocompromised people to book the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine will go live on Thursday, health officials announced on Monday.

Marios Themistokleous, General Secretary for Primary Care at the Health Ministry, said the immunocompromised should take the fourth dose three months after their last shot.

The decision concerns patients with hematological and oncological illnesses who under treatment, people receiving immunosuppressive drugs, transplant recipients and patients with rheumatic diseases or renal failure, AMNA reports.

He also said that a special platform has been set up to allow the inhabitants of 26 islands with a population each of around 1,000 inhabitants make vaccination appointments on specific dates.