A new study by Bounce explores the most popular gap year destinations across the globe, and Greece ranks proudly in the fourth place!

The research has taken into consideration factors such as hostels, volunteering opportunities, safety ratings and beer prices, to provide students and adults looking to reassess life, with the best options. The participants belonged to different age groups and came from different parts of the world.

There were hundreds of nominated countries with even more cities and territories nominated, focusing on different elements that make each destination unique, from stunning cities to luscious landscapes and fascinating culture.

For younger voters, Netherlands was voted at the top as one of the safest destinations and easy to get by, offering a great number of hostels, as well as clubs and bars per 1000 square miles making its nightlife irresistible.

Ireland is the second-highest-ranking gap year destination with the Emerald Isle having many well-rated hostels and the most attractions per 1,000 square miles at 375.

Switzerland ranked third as the safest country to travel to with the highest safety score of 78.38/100.

Whether it’s a pre or post Uni-grad gap year or a sabbatical before a big life or career move, Greece is the fourth country to appear in the top five. Greece scored highly for attractions (337 per 1,000 miles), but also scored high for nightlife, nature, hospitality, culture, weather and more. Many Greek cities and towns got high rankings with travellers saying that they never get bored in Greece as they can explore completely different destinations within the same country maximising their experience.

Other high rankings included Finnish hostels offering the highest quality of any destination, with users giving them an average rating of 8.8, this is well above the average of 6.99.

Germany was positively rated for its beer and South Africa is the best country to visit if someone wishes to volunteer their time to a humanitarian or environment focused organisation.

You can view the full study here: https://usebounce.com/blog/gap-year-index