Bill Papas fled to Greece back in June to avoid the debacle in Australia following allegations of committing fraud through his company Forum Finance.

Westpac one of the main clients that lost $500 million through Forum Finance and Papas, has reportedly obtained permission from the Federal Court to launch legal action in Greece. Papas, has reportedly cut off all communication between the bank, the court and his lawyers.

The Federal Court has given the bank permission to begin motions to enforce freezing orders on Papas’ assets; Westpac has already hired lawyers in Greece who have already met with Greek sporting authorities.

It appears that, Papas still owned the Xanthi football club, despite making a false statement in front of the Federal Court last year. Westpac claims that about $15 million of its money was funnelled into the company that owns Xanthi FC. Papas’ overseas holdings also include two seaside apartments in Thessaloniki, Greece, as well as other property and investments.

Federal Court Justice Michael Lee has also issued freezing orders on the Australian and New Zealand assets of Papas’ girlfriend, Louisa Agostino who has also fled to Greece. Anything else the couple might own overseas will also be included in the actions to issue freezing orders.

Westpac added Agostino as a defendant in its suit against Papas late last year, alleging that she took part in a conspiracy to scam the bank while she was working for Forum Finance.