There have been 93 deaths of people with Covid-19 reported so far today following a national cabinet meeting yesterday that finished with no change to essential workers or isolation requirements.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison highlighted the need for continued focus on vaccinations, pointing to health experts expecting a rise in cases heading into winter and risks being compounded by the flu season. Victorian  Premier Daniel Andrew has extensively pushed for fully vaccinated to only apply to boosted individuals but the matter will be discussed in two weeks when the cabinet meets again.

No decision on the definition of “fully vaccinated” to mean three booster shots was made, with ATAGI advice ongoing.

Today’s numbers:

  • NSW has reported 35 deaths in people with Covid-19 overnight, 2,737 people in hospital and 13,333 new cases
  • Victoria has reported 39 deaths in people with Covid-19 overnight, 988 people in hospital and 12,755 new cases
  • Queensland has reported 18 deaths, 12 of those in aged care. There were 9,974 new cases reported and 818 people in hospital, with 54 in ICU
  • ACT has reported one death in people with Covid-19 overnight, 66 people in hospital with five in ICU and 734 new cases
  • Tasmania has reported 584 new cases of Covid-19 overnight, with 19 people in hospital
  • The NT has reported 940 new cases of Covid-19 overnight, with yesterday’s case numbers revised from 626 to 747

Moreover, in NT, a third vaccination will become mandatory for workers in public facing roles.

High risk workers must receive their first dose by 11 March, and the remainder of public facing workers will need to receive their booster by 22 April.