The Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers, Anthony Carbines, announced $1.67million funding from the Food Relief Financial Reserve to provide support for those suffering “food insecurity” due to COVID-19.

The funding is part of a $39million package by the Victorian Government that was made available from February 2020 – at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – for community food relief across Victoria.

Minister Carbines made the announcement at OzHarvest in Port Melbourne. OzHarvest is Australia’s foremost food rescue organisation.

Minister Carbines said OzHarvest have delivered “4,000,000 kilograms of food that otherwise may have gone to waste.”

“Good nutritious food that’s now finding its way to the kitchen tables of Victorians who needed it during the pandemic.”

Mr Carbines underscored the impact the pandemic has had on “vulnerable Victorians” who have suffered job losses, lockdowns, and isolation, which have led to “food insecurity.”

He thanked OzHarvest for “the work that they’ve done these past two years particularly, to support vulnerable Victorians.”

Mr Carbines underscored the $39 million Food Relief Fund by the Andrews government and that “$1.67 million will be drawn down from that $39 million food Relief Fund to continue to support the work of OzHarvest and twelve other partners.”

Neos Kosmos asked why in Australia, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, a major food producer and exporter we are dealing with food insecurity.

The Minster pointed to the pandemic “where people had to isolate, and people had to withdraw their involvement in the community, people who are unwell, or unable to access the food services that they need.

“There are always people in the community who are going to need our support, advocacy and assistance, and the pandemic hit vulnerable communities hardest and, in any community, there will be those who need extra support and commitments.”


If you are suffering food insecurity or know of others who are, contact OzHarvest here.