What a game! Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev battled it out till the end. More than half of the game was a thriller with no one being able to tell where it would go.

Emotions were heightened, players were fired up but eventually a feisty Medvedev broke away from Tsitsipas who played  some exceptional tennis.

The Russian found momentum half way through the third set with Tsitsipas not being able to regain control. After a 2 hour 30 minute battle Medvedev sealed his paths to the final winning 6-7 (5), 6-4, 4-6, 1-6.

 As it happened…

At the start of the game Tsitsipas and Medvedev went head to head but Medvedev prevailed in the tiebreaker taking the first set  6-7.

Tsitsipas came back in the second set with vigour breaking Medvedev’s serve to win 6-4.

As the World No.4 kept dominating and the crowd kept cheering on, Medvedev had a massive breakdown ‘giving it’ to the crowd with a gesture using his racquet and arm.

The Russian verbally attacked umpire Jaume Campistol, in the second set, claiming Tsitsipas was being coached by his father from his box.

The rant went viral as it was displayed live on TV. Tsitsipas, who usually reacts negatively when his father tries to coach him, had been calm. something the commentators highlighted.

“Are you mad? Are you mad? For what? His father can coach every point? Are you stupid? His father can talk every point?,” Medvedev said after hitting his forearm with the racquet.

“His father can talk every point? His father can talk every point? His father can talk every point? Repeat answer to my question. Will you answer my question. Will you answer my question? Can you answer my question? Can you answer my question, please? Can his father talk every point?” he screamed at the chair umpire.”

Medvedev asked Capistol to issue a code violation to Tsitsipas for illegal coaching

“You are … how can I call it? A small cat.”

Thankfully, for Medvedev, the umpire didn’t give him a warning. To appease, him the organisation sent two ‘agents’ -one Greek- to sit and monitor Tsitsipas’ box, just in case, his father is indeed coaching him in Greek.

Following this incident, Tsitsipas kept his cool while the crowd booed Medvedev even more. ‘Tsitsifast’, blasted some amazing points cracking several sublime forehands.

Halfway through the third set, the fourth seed began to look fatigued, taking more and more time to serve but he hung on to level to three games all.

The tension on the court was definitely rising between all parties as the game went on. Medvedev, though, with his anger fueling him, unloaded a killer forehand leaving Tsitsipas unable to catch up. It took him a few minutes to recover but he did.

Just under two hours the two men had one set each and were playing the third at 4 all with no clue who was really leading.

Tsitsipas received a warning for his father’s talking. Medvedev then sneaked the perfect drop shot with a spinning low ball taking the third set 6-4.

From that point on, Tsitsipas lost his momentum, struggling to meet several blistering backhand passing shots from Medvedev.

Following his win with a whopping 1-6, the Russian winner was interviewed on court by tennis veteran Jim Courier.

In a long self-appreciation dialogue with himself he ‘sort of’ apologised for his rant against Tsitsipas and the umpire, but not quite… He even said that he might not watch tomorrow’s women’s final with Ash Barty as he has dinner early.

Courier then said, “come on now, I am trying to make the crowd like you”…

Medvedev will now play Rafael Nadal in the final on Sunday. Nadal is attempting to be the first player in history to win 21 grand slams.