The Greek island of Lipsi has been listed among the top 10 alternative destinations of the world, according to, one of the largest travel blogs in Italy.

“Lipsi means authentic Greece,” the author of the article said, adding that on the island of Calypso, the beaches, the local cuisine, the activities and sea excursions leave the visitor speechless.

The list also includes Lapland, Seville, Parma, South Holland, the Alps, the Wild West, Tuscany, the castles of Transylvania and Ancona.

“The island of Lipsi maintained its strength last summer, exceeding 90 per cent of the arrivals in 2019, not only of Greeks but also of foreign travelers. Especially the Italians have always placed us at the top of their preferences, thanks to our targeted strategy,” the mayor of Lipsi, Fotis Maggos, told ANA-MPA.

The beautiful island belongs to the Dodecanese group, located between Patmos and Leros. As it is small, it has stayed off the mass tourism bandwagon while its distance from Athens and long distance from Athens makes it a peaceful destination for relaxing holidays away from the hustle and the bustle of the mainland.

Its unspoiled natural landscape, crystal clear waters, beautiful secluded and unorganised beaches, and laid-back atmosphere is loved by free campers, naturists and trekkers, boasting a raw natural landscape and laid-back atmosphere with many private nooks accessed on foot from the main town through hiking paths, while others can be reached by a small bus that tours around the island.