St Nectarios Parish and Community in Burwood raised $3,880 during a private film screening of Man of God for those impacted by the recent floods in New South Wales.

Fifty percent of the funds raised at Event Cinemas in Burwood, attended by 230 people, will be donated to the Australian Red Cross, while the other half will go to the Food Bank, according to an announcement published by the Parish on Facebook.

“We were delighted to welcome 230 people last night to our private screening of Man of God at Event Cinemas Burwood about the life of our Patron, Saint Nectarios,” the organisers wrote.

“We are excited to announce a second screening on Sunday May 29 at 4pm in aid of the same cause. There are only 130 tickets available so book early,” the post announced a second screening, and the proceeds will also be directed towards Red Cross and Food Bank.

Members of the St Nectarios Parish and Community arrive at the screening. Photo: Facebook

The Parish’s Youth In Action group is also organising a multicultural Fuse Fest on Saturday, May14 at Burwood Park to raise funds for Lucas Gardens School in Canada Bay – a school for children with special needs.


The Ladies at the Philoptochos of the St Nectarios Parish returned to The Cottage Kitchen yesterday after a short break over Easter, preparing homecooked meals for those in need. This week they cooked up Greek biftekia (baked rissoles) with creamy baked potatoes, spanakorizo (lemony spinach and leek with rice), Greek salad with feta cheese and olives, rizogalo (rice pudding flavoured with mastic), fresh watermelon and bread.

Free home-made meals are available for pick-up every Monday at The Cottage Kitchen for those in need from 12noon to 1pm – 5 Burleigh Street Burwood, NSW.

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Home cooked meals for those in need return every Monday at the St Nectarios Parish in Burwood, NSW. Photo: Facebook