June 11 and 12 Rock Solid, marks the first international mountain race in the most southeastern point of Greece. Athletes and runners of all levels will run across a beautiful landscape of geographic and historical significance.

The race titled Rock Solid offers participants the opportunity to get to know the landmarks of the island of Kastellorizo.

Taking place on the weekend of the race is organised under the auspices of the Greek Olympic Committee and is co-hosted by the creative platform Treis Laloun & Dio Horevoun, the municipality of Megisti – Kastellorizo, the Kastellorizo Festival and the Museum of Puzzles.

The race starts at the picturesque harbour front passing through heritage houses, the famous 400 steps across the top of the island, past the 260 year old monastery of St George of the Mountain, then weaves across the island’s wild terrain, past Mycenaean foundations, ancient cisterns and olive presses, deserted cottages, building remains from occupations of Italians and the British.

Finally down the sparsely treed slope, participants will run along the shore of the quiet swimming bay of Mandraki facing the Turkish coast and past the Lycian tomb, the most well-preserved in Greece, to the emblematic old mosque. The route continues along the harbour, to finish where at the starting point.

On Sunday 12 June, the 10 km race is not for the weak-hearted. It begins at the coffee-shop embellished harbour-front, leading into challenging, rocky landscapes, circling the track of Mounta, a formidable path leading back behind the harbour neighbourhood, to the 400 steps incorporating the entire 5km race from Saturday.

There is also a Kids’ Trail Run, across 1.3 km on the weekend, open to all children.

Participation is free and the registration will open in the coming days.

For more information visithttps://racefinder.gr/search-races-el/rock-solid-kastellorizo-2022/