Sotiris Papafotiou, a founding and integral member of the St Albans Greek Community and the wider community has had his life turn to tragedy following the sudden loss of his daughter Konstantina Hatzopoulos (nee Papafotiou).

The late Ms Hatzopoulos had no known underlying health conditions before some intense lower back pains led her to a hospital emergency for an examination.

While hospitalised, following several tests and treatment for her pain the young mother suddenly passed away hours before she was due to be released.

A coroner’s investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of death.

Konstantina Hatzopoulos (nee Papafotiou). Photo: Supplied/Sotiris Papafotiou

Whilst details of her death cannot be reported until the findings of the Coroner’s inquest Neos Kosmos will be following the case and report as details are confirmed.

Mr Papafotiou contacted Neos Kosmos to report an insensitive act by board members of the St Albans Community, an organisation he served as a President among other roles. His daughter Georgia has also served as President in the past.

While the St Albans Community representatives sent their condolences for the loss of his daughter Konstantina, Mr Papafotiou also claims that they sent a letter written in a “threatening tone” regarding community issues.

Mr Papafotiou sent to Neos Kosmos the letter he handed to the Community which says:

“First of all, I want to express my gratitude for your kind act to send me flowers for the loss of our daughter. In a moment my family and I are sinking in deep darkness and void, as we do not know what comes next, your generous act has been a true oasis.

However, the letter you sent us on 24 March has contrasted your first move completely. In a time of mourning the passing of our daughter, you chose the most inappropriate day to send me this letter and multiply our sorrow. It is almost as if you don’t care who will read this letter and how much harm you might cause. Well done for choosing this time to cause this much pain.”