Albert Park College has started its own Greek Club for any student interested in learning basic Greek, Greek traditions, Greek dancing, Greek cooking, and of course Greek history.

Albert Park College is the public school adjacent to the Lemnos Gallipoli Memorial at Lemnos Square and is the sister school to the Moudros Senior High School on Lemnos.

Although the numbers were down due to exams both in Melbourne and on Lemnos, there was no lack of enthusiasm by the students present at the inaugural Zoom session on Wednesday, who sang, recited poetry, and outlined their plans for the holidays.

An Albert Park College student recities poetry during the first Greek Club Zoom call. Photo: Christina Despoteris

Fiona Wright and Katherine Merakis are the two teachers who are running the Greek Club as well as coordinating the activities with the school at Lemnos, supported by Theodwra Lymperi and the Principal of the Moudros school.

The Greek Club will be meeting on Mondays and already have plans for their next Zoom session, saying that they want to learn Lemnian dances and basic Greek phrases to present to the students on Lemnos. On the opposite side of the globe, the Greek students presented, in English, their plans for the holidays including a visit to London by one of the students who will be visiting her siblings.

Teachers Fiona Wright and Katherine Merakis at the Lemnos Memorial. Photo: Christina Despoteris