Some of Greece’s biggest artists have made their way to Australia and will be performing across Melbourne and Adelaide this weekend.

Legendary Greek composer and bouzouki master Thanasis Polykandriotis will appear alongside famous Greek singer Stelios Dionysiou for one night only on Saturday, 11 June at the Palais Theatre. Stelios Dionysiou will perform some of Polykandriotis’ most famous compositions that were originally sung by legendary artists such as Tolis Voskopoulos, Dimitris Mitropanos, Stratos Dionysiou and others.

A number of Greek-Australian singers will also perform on the night.

Vassilis Karras will also be continuing his Melbourne concerts, with the last one taking place this weekend, on 11 Saturday at Kinisi at Trak.

Plenty more kefi is on the way, as audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy another great Greek singer, Nikos Makropoulos. Throughout his career, Makropoulos has performed songs that have enjoyed great commercial success such as “Ypopto to Aisthima Sou”, “Katastasi Ektaktou Anagkis” and many more. He has done various collaborations, including some with George Mazonakis, Angie Samiou, as well as with Anna Vissi.

Nikos Makropoulos will be performing in Adelaide this Friday, as well as at the Melbourne Pavilion on Sunday.

It appears that it will be a year full of Greek entertainment as there will be plenty more performances in the coming months, as artists such as Paola, George Tsalikis, Nikos Vertis, Pyx Lax and Lefteris Pantazis will also be coming to Australia.

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