Moments before Vasilis Karras took the stage to perform for his last sold out concert in Melbourne, he sat down for a one-one-one with Neos Kosmos. He answered our questions with a smile.

NK: Despite your extremely successful career and the countless hits people have sung along to over the years, you went through several obstacles when you started you career. Would you say that it is easier for someone to be starting their career today or was it easier back in the day?

VK: Things were difficult back then, but also now. At the time, there was no social media, like now. This is a new addition to the industry. It’s something we did not have when I was starting my career. Today, however, there are much fewer job opportunities.

Is there still real talent out there or is a good manager enough nowadays?

Talent still exists today, but young people who want to enter the industry are being given fake promises. When someone’s initial hopes are shattered, young artists find it difficult to get back on their feet. They are being promised things that cannot be achieved.

If a young person wanted to start a singing career, would you advise them to do it or not?

Yes, but only as a second job. Not everyone finds their way and there is not an opportunity for everyone. There are no recording companies that will support young artists and help them navigate their way into the industry.

Doing the work you do for so many years, would you say you’ve gained more friends or more enemies?

I do not think I have enemies. Such phrase is not part of my vocabulary. And when it comes to friends … I am doing fine.

I know you are a person who has helped and continues to help many people in need. Do you think people today have started drifting apart from each other? Are people still compassionate?

I think that Greeks have it in their blood to help others in a difficult time. In recent years in particular, I have noticed that when someone is in need, whether it be a sick person, or anything in general, Greeks will immediately come together and help. Greek might have very little, but they give a lot.

How do you like the Greek-Australian audience? Have you noticed any differences or similarities with audiences in Greece?

A professional does not distinguish between audiences, but rather, just wants the audience to enjoy the performance. I think when you are being yourself, the audience is supportive everywhere. If you try to trick it, it will not be supportive. The response of the people here is very warm, and I have been experiencing it for many years now, all the times I visited Australia.

So, what is your message to Greek-Australian audiences?

We must not forget our roots. Moving into the fourth generation now, there shouldn’t be any disconnect with them and young Greeks should continue to hold our flag high, as much as they can and as much as possible. We must continue to love our country … despite its flaws.

Vasilis Karras’ new single entitled “Fitites”, featuring George Kakosaios, has already been released and the much loved artist will soon be offering plenty of entertainment to audiences in Greece, as he will do several concerts this summer.