Encircling Islands is the result of a collaboration between two Melbourne, Australia based musicians, composers and producers Stephen Brown and Pantelis Krestas.

The track is an ode to the Cyclades and its encompassing islands. Hence the track title Encircling islands. The name refers to the islands forming a circle around the sacred island of Delos.

Villa Dayze Featuring Pantelis Krestas created Encircling Islands as a coming together of earthy sounds that take you away on a journey to the Greek Islands. The aim was to make the Bouzouki blend and lead in a chilled way, allowing you to escape in your mind to sunnier shores.

Villa Dayze is Stephen Brown, a keyboard player, composer and producer from Melbourne. Brooding instrumental chill-out and lounge tracks with a touch of jazz are Stephen’s main genres, however, most are based on emotional reflection and life events.

Stephen’s connection to the track was noted as “This track was created not only to support the unique sound of the Bouzouki but to celebrate its origins. Blending apprehension and joy of travelling the beautiful isles of Greece”.

Teaming up on Encircling islands is first generation Australian musician of Greek descent Pantelis Krestas, who plays bouzouki. Krestas has been involved in the Greek music industry for over 20 years here in Australia and abroad. Krestas has performed in a variety of events, such as supporting international acts on stage, composing and performing in live theatre productions, weddings and playing bouzouki for recording artists. He has also toured with bands internationally.

Pantelis Krestas noted that he “really enjoyed the coming together of funk music with the addition of Greek bouzouki. It opens the doors to future collaborations”.

Encircling Islands Villa Dayze cover. Photo: Supplied

Villa Dayze Feat Pantelis Krestas Encircling islands is available on all music platforms.

Pantelis Krestas’ debut EP titled “NK Compositions” is out now. The EP was a studio recording of the theatre compositions that he composed and performed.

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