Authorities in Greece said that a woman from Eritrea gave birth on an uninhabited rocky islet after landing there with other migrants on their way from Turkey.

A coast guard reported that 29 Eritreans – 24 men and five women – were spotted Wednesday during a patrol near the eastern Greek island of Lesvos.

One of the women had just given birth.

They were all rescued and taken to Lesvos, with the mother and baby receiving hospital treatment.

“They are are all in good health, and the mother and the baby are doing well” the coast guard official said.

The baby was a boy. The irregular arrivals were found on the islet of Barbalias 3km east of Lesvos and 20kms from the Turkish coast.

Lesvos was the gateway into the European Union for hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled war in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere during the 2015-16 sparking a major refugee crisis.

Greece has toughened its migration policies since then, those leaving Turkey now take a longer and more dangerous route to Greece.

Last weekend, the coast guard rescued 108 migrants from a leaking and rudderless sailboat near the tourist island of Mykonos.

On Wednesday, a man was found dead in the trunk of a car in an artificial lake near the Greek-Turkish border. Border police had pursued the vehicle after the driver refused to stop for a highway inspection.

Police said that the other five passengers in the car, had entered the country illegally, and along with the driver, they were detained.