Greece will erect a bust honouring Vietnamese communist revolutionary and statesman Ho Chi Minh, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias announced on Monday from the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, where is he is on an official visit.

Dendias announced the decision after a meeting with his Vietnamese counterpart, Bui Thanh Son, Dendias.

“Let me tell you a little-known fact about the two countries. President Ho Chi Minh, the founder of Vietnam, fought on the Macedonian Front from 1916 to 1917 while serving in the French army,” he told reporters.

“We, therefore, agreed that a bust of him should be erected in Edessa to highlight this fact,” he continued, referring to a city in northern Greece.

The two ministers also agreed that the ashes of Kostas Sarantidis (1927-2021), a Greek soldier who fought with the Vietnamese resistance during the First Indochina War, be transferred to Vietnam.

“We also discussed the transfer of the ashes of the Greek fighter Sarantidis, who fought on the side of the Vietnamese army during the Vietnamese War of Independence and is fondly remembered by the Vietnamese,” said Dendias.

The ministers also discussed further collaboration in the fields of education and sports.

“Vietnam, a country of 100 million people, with a thriving economy, constitutes an interesting interlocutor for Greece in the Southeast Asian region; and that it would be highly beneficial to broaden and deepen our relations,” Dendias said.