A study of Google search data by streaming experts of the UK-based broadband and TV company Uswitch has found that while Real Madrid is the most popular foreign team in 75 countries around the world, Manchester United are the most popular teams for Greece and Australia. Cyprus favours Liverpool, as does New Zealand.

It should come as no surprise that Turkey should favour the sky-blue end of the Manchester spectrum with Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City also finding favour with Greece’s northern neighbour, Bulgaria.

While Real Madrid dominates with most countries in South America, Africa and Asia, the interest shown for five English teams reflects the combined popularity of the English Premier League around the globe.

Liverpool may be a distant second to Real Madrid, with 34 countries showing the most interest, but is then followed by Manchester United, which draws the most interest in 27 nations, and is third on the list. Manchester City are not too far behind (20 nations – many of them from South America). Arsenal on 13 nations is fifth on the list that includes FC Barcelona (8), Juventus (3), Chelsea (2), FC Porto (2). Bayern Munich, Glasgow Rangers, AC Milan and Benfica tie in ninth spot each with one country showing an interest in their fate.

Like Greece, North Macedonia also favours Manchester United, as does Italy, Germany and Norway and Georgia in Europe. The Serbians are interested in the fate of Arsenal, a quirk they share with Scotland, Poland and Serbia. South Africa, the USA and Canada and Japan are also noted followers the Red Devils.

Of Australia’s near neighbours, Papa New Guinea fans search most often for news of Real Madrid. Surprisingly, Indonesians favour Italian giants AC Milan, while the East Timorese favour Juventus – a passion they share with Slovakia, Tajikistan and Thailand.

While Real Madrid dominates in South America, Manchester City enjoys popularity in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay.

In Europe, Spain and Portugal are also big followers of Manchester City along with Finland, Belgium Holland and the Czech Republic.

The English club teams dominate with five teams on the list, Spain is represented by Real Madrid and Barcelona; Italy with Juventus and AC Milan; Portugal with Porto and Benfica; followed by Germany’s Bayern Munich and Scotland’s Rangers.

The research was conducted using Google Keyword Planner to analyse search volumes for 150 teams in nearly every country of the world. The researchers removed the football team native to each country to revel with foreign team is the most supported in that country.