The General Staff of the Hellenic Air Force reportedly sent a letter to the United States requesting the upgrade of 38 F-16 Block 50 aircraft.

The letter should resolve the pending issue of the modernization efforts of the Hellenic Air Force and its transformation into having of the most significant air capacities the wider region.

The modernisation of the 38 F-16s will take place at Nea Anchialos Air Base, while the upgrade of the F-16 Viper is continuing at Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAB), Kathimerini reported.

Two F-16 Vipers are ready and will be delivered in a few months. The Hellenic Air Force want the US, want to start the training their pilots in Greece.

Chief of General Staff Themistocles Bourolias has an open, multi-year horizon ahead of him, within which the Hellenic Air Force will acquire even stronger operational capabilities.

At the same time, there is also a clear plan for the older F-16 Block 30s.

The older F-16s are not going to be transferred anywhere outside Greece, they will remain operationally active as they carry a huge workload in the Aegean on a daily basis.

A number of them will be converted into training aircraft for new pilots to be introduced to the future fleet of the newer F-16 Viper, Block 52+ Advanced and upgraded Block 50 types.

The leadership of the air force is pleased regarding the essential part of the flight training of the new pilots. The cooperation with Israel’s Elbit at the 120 Air Training Wing in Kalamata has led to a sharp increase in the availability of T-6s trainers.