The splitting of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAB) in two main arms is expected to be completed in September.

The aim is to separate the manufacturing and repairs arm with the addition of a privatised strategic partner (Lockheed Martin) turning EAB into a hub for a major regional market that will carry out the various projects, such as airframes, aircraft repairs, aircraft upgrades and engine maintenance.

The private arm’s work will involve aircraft such as C-130 military transport planes, F-16 fighter jets and other systems not limited to the Hellenic Air Force.

The state-owned and managed arm will reportedly include fixed assets and infrastructure, will remain under the control of the state, according to the latest announcement by the Ministry of Defense.

Due to the current climate of political turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean and between Russian and Ukraine, the predicted actualisation of projects that have been scheduled to take off is not guaranteed.