A 33-year-old former Greek reality TV contestant whose name has not yet been released, forcibly drove into a courthouse parking lot on Saturday morning (Greece time).

In the hours following the crash into the car park of the Court of Appeals in Athens, police have seized €1.2 million in cash in a suitcase, as well as large amounts of cocaine, cannabis and other drugs.

Following the substances and money found in the car, local authorities raided the man’s home in the suburb of Ilioupoli, recovering an extra €300,000, according to Kathimerini.

The 2010 Greek Idol TV show contestant who became widely known in 2010 willingly handed himself in.

In total, police seized €1,513,555 and $336, 275g of cocaine, 495.5g of processed and 0.7g of raw cannabis, 37.9g of crystal meth, 131 ecstasy tablets, 3 medicinal tablets, a car, a stun gun, 267 stun gun cartridges, a safe, 4 improvised nylon packages and 4 cell phones.