Harking back on the 48th anniversary of the Cyprus invasion on 20 July, Federal Member for Adelaide Steve Georganas tabled a motion on 5 September reiterating the importance to not forget the “struggle for the freedom and reunification of Cyprus”.

Noting that the illegal Turkish invasion of Cyprus was a violation that not only impacted Cypriot communities, but also tens of thousands of Australian individuals of Cypriot descent, Mr Georganas affirmed his continued support and is productively advocating in accordance with the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty, as Australia is a signatory.

“I tabled this motion on Tuesday the 5th of September, I am passionate and certain that it is vital Australia acts to reinforce the efforts of the UN and the Government of the Republic of Cyprus,” he said.

“The ever-evolving nature of the situation in Cyprus concerns me greatly, I believe justice is well overdue. I have engaged closely with the Greek and Cypriot communities and in doing so I join them in their calls for a peaceful resolution.”

Mr Georganas went on to declare that he is a firm believer that whilst Cyprus is geographically distant, the connections through families, friends, and the vital role the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has played in peacekeeping efforts over the years, reinforce the importance to stand by them in a movement for an amicable solution.