Twelve lucky youngsters have been taking in the sights and sounds of Greece, thanks to the Pancretan Association of Melbourne in association with the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS).

The youth trip, announced earlier in the year, was designed as a rich immersion program hosted by the HNDGS and facilitated by the authorities of the Region of Crete, as a new initiative for young Greek Australians to experience the culture and beauty of Greece.

In a post on Facebook the 12 participants have shared their visit to the Acropolis.

The purpose of the tour organised by the Pancretan Association of Melbourne is to promote and maintain the tight ties that Australia and Crete share for future generations. It is also an opportunity for the participants to tour Crete and Greece, some of them for the first time, and whilst there to learn and immerse themselves in the culture, which for many has been a lifelong dream.

The funds raised by the Cretan Village totalling $13,000, have been allocated to cover the needs of this trip.