“Get ready for three magical nights! Are you ready?” Natasha Theodoridou says ahead of her Australian tour. She will be accompanied by popular singer Kostas Karafotis.

Greek music lovers will enjoy one of Greece’s most popular signers in Sydney October 7, Adelaide October 8, and Melbourne October 16.

Theodoridou, made her music debut in 1997, with her self-titled album Natasa Theodoridou, and since then has garnered huge commercial success.

She has become a household name after she released numerous albums and through collaborations with Kaiti Garbi, Paschalis Terzis, Giannis Parios, and others. Audiences will dance and sing along to hits like Tis Dyskoles Stigmes, Ena Spiti Kaigetai, Mi Gyriseis Ksana, Mia Kokkini Grammi, and Feggari.

The loved singer talked to Katerina Hatzi ahead of her arrival.

How do you feel about coming to Australia after such a long time?

My feelings are as beautiful, because I haven’t been to Australia for many years, . Ten years is a long time and it’s a great time to meet again. We’ll have a great time.

In the past there was more tangibility when fans bought a physical copy of an album or CD, now most things we are mainly listening to digital based music. Does this worry you?

No, not at all, it’s evolution. The music industry is changing and we find other ways to listen to music. This pleases me because having my mobile phone with me all the time while being away from home, means I can access to music as easy as pressing a button during my break and get to relax. Records still exist as physical products, we continue to release records. Not as much as we used to of course, but we continue to do so.

How do you think it is for an artist who has reached a very high level in their career to remain grounded, and to respect their fans?

It all depends on why you are doing something. When it is your life, when your joy is in it, when you have dedicated yourself to it, nothing else matters. There is only gratitude and love towards the fans, but above all, towards what you do, your effort, your time. At the same time, it is very difficult to to give all your life, energy and being to what you do.

Do you think that all the sacrifices an artist makes is a big price to pay?

Of course. When you dedicate yourself to something, there are so many other things that you “miss out” on. But it doesn’t matter because you consciously dedicate yourself to your art. You know very well what you give up on, but you are also very much aware of the things you gain.

Do you think that, in the music industry, a woman has the same opportunities as a man?

I don’t think there is sexism in the music industry. But talent is talent. At least that’s what my own experience has taught me. There is nothing I would have gained more of had I been a man.

You studied journalism, but eventually music and singing won you over. What made you not pursue that over what you studied?

I was born with it, it manifested itself so strongly in my life that there was no room for anything else. Music is the protagonist of my life.

Which one of your collaborations would you describe as a milestone in your career and why?

I worked with many great people and differently with each one. I can’t answer that about one person only. All of my collaborations were important and I thank them all. I hope that I also gave them something good.

Will your latest single is Den Ntrapikes be part of an album to be released in the future?

Of course. I believe an album will be ready by Christmas.

Are there any new tracks that we might hear first while you are performing in Australia?

I don’t know if I’m going to give anything away while I’m there, I have a song that will be released on 17 October. Australia might be where the new song will be heard first, but nothing has been decided yet.

Is the collaboration with Kostas Karafotis exclusive for Australia?

Kostas and I did a tour all over Greece together. We had a magical summer. He is an amazing singer and a great person. So we continue in Australia. He is a good friend and has a great sense of humour. He is intelligent and as a singer you all know how good he is, he is the best company for such a long journey.

Do you have a message for Greek-Australians?

I am excited to be with you again after so many years. I imagine everything and everyone has changed a lot. The only message I have for you is “Are you ready? Be ready because those three nights will be magical”.