Last week, Giannis Ploutarchos, the singer of many successful laika songs shared his immense love and respect for Greeks in Australia with Neos Kosmos.

Currently touring Australia with his children, Katerina and Giorgos Kakosaios, Ploutarchos delivered a night to remember for his fans that attended his performance at Kinisi Live on Friday night.

“It’s not an overstatement. What we are experiencing is deeply moving,” the performer told Neos Kosmos.

The audience at the sold out event organised by Giannis Leloudas and Kostas Tangalakis, showered the singer with many trays of flowers while he sang his greatest hits.

Giannis Ploutarchos is also known for the love and support he has shown to the elderly of the Greek Australian diaspora through candid visits and significant financial donations.

Before his second live performance in Melbourne he paid the residents of Fronditha in Thornbury and PRONIA a visit, spending a significant amount of time listening to their needs.

Ploutarchos also commented on the Radiothon taking place on Friday and Saturday.

Neos Kosmos will share more information in Thursday’s print edition.

Kinisis Live fully packed on Friday night. Photo: Supplied
Ploutarchos at PRONIA. Photo: Supplied
Ploutarchos with the staff and volunteers at PRONIA. Photo: Supplied
Ploutarhos at Fronditha. Photo: Supplied
Ploutarchos at Fronditha Thornbury. Photo: Supplied
A full house at Kinisi Live on Friday night. Photo: Supplied
The fans singing along Ploutarchos’ songs. Photo: Supplied
Giannis Ploutarchos being showered with flowers. Photo: Supplied