“The message ‘BREAD-EDUCATION-FREEDOM’ inscribed at the Polytechnic, and the surrounding walls of Athens, by students, workers, and farmers, during those three days in November 1973, are universal and eternal.

‘Bread’ equates with the right to work, just and fair wages, occupational health and safety at the workplace, respect for workers and their families, the inalienable right for workers to organise themselves and the freedom to unionise, are, for us unionists, articles of faith.”

The trade union movement in Australia has a long and proud history of international solidarity with national liberation, anti-colonial, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist struggles. Through our collective action, unity, and internationalism, we provide a voice, memory, and strength to those who are unable to be heard within the adversity, internally and externally, that is Australia.

In continuing with this tradition, and in sync with struggles of the 21st century, the Victorian Branch of the AMWU is mounting a series of cultural and political activities that commemorate, educate, and acknowledge the sacrifices of international progressive movements from around the world. Its objective is to Inspire—Connect—Educate. It seeks to educate of, and learn from, the struggles—past and ongoing—in various parts of the world, against the forces of reaction, suppression, exploitation, and capitalism, where unions and the working class have been the driving forces behind social mobilisation and change. We start with the commemoration of the Greek Polytechnic Uprising.

We pay homage to the Polytechnic Uprising and undertake to continue their struggle, faithful to the ideals and principles of that generation, in a practical way, with respect and continuity, based on today’s circumstances and conditions.”