The day after the 2022 Victorian election finds Labor under Dan Andrews’ leadership celebrating a third term, Liberals counting losses, while Nationals and Greens have recorded strong results in a number of contested seats.

But how did the Greek Australian candidates fare?

A total of 35 candidates running in this election are of Greek heritage, with at least four of them securing their way in the Victorian Parliament.

There was Greek representation in both major parties as well as the minor parties’ cohort including Animal Justice, Freedom Party, and the Transport Matters Party, with some also running as independents.

The vote count continues but some of the wins can already be credited to Greek Australians.

For the governing party, Nick Staikos has secured a clear cut win over Liberal candidate Debbie Taylor-Haynes in the seat of Bentleigh, with a lead of 59% as of latest available results.

The seat of Oakleigh also remained in Labor hands with Steve Dimopoulos leading the way with a 63.2% against a 36.7% by Liberal opponent Jim Grivokostopoulos in the two candidate preferred vote count.

Labor MP and government whip in the upper house, Lee Tarlamis who was appointed in April 2020 to replace Gavin Jennings will also remain the Member for Southeastern Metropolitan Region.

Kat Theophanous appears to prevail in the seat of Northcote with 51.2% against 48.7% by Greens’ Campbell Gome in the two candidate preferred vote.

Meanwhile, the Greens candidate for Albert Park Kim Samiotis while trailing behind Labor’s Nina Taylor in the first preference vote (20.5% – 37.1%) has secured a lead of 53.2% against 46.7% in the two candidate preferred vote.

There is a record number of Greek women running with the Greens Party this year, and Angelica Panopoulos in Pascoe Valoe has a hard fight ahead though not impossible to win against Labor’s Anthony Cianflone (47.2% against 52.8% with 66.2% of votes counted).

Greek candidates have also suffered defeats including from the Labor party.

Labor candidate for Mildura Stella Zigouras secured a 6.2%, while Preston’s Amanda Paliouras for Liberals a 16.4%.

Liberal Andrew Katos didn’t make the cut in the seat of South Barwon, with Labor’s Darren Cheeseman having a 60% lead.