Documentary photographer, Effy Alexakis who has been recording the Greek-Australian community for forty years, in partnership with historian Leonard Janiszewski is holding a survey exhibition at The Shop Gallery in Sydney’s Glebe between 8 and 14 December.

The brief exhibition is Alexakis’ reflection of past work and a reveal of new projects, as an opportunity to self-reflect and to move forward.

A recent project documenting the work of Soup Kitchen. Photo: Effy Alexakis


Each photograph evidences salient aspects significant to the personal journey of the photographer and her evolving understanding of her community and heritage – both within Australia and overseas – and in so doing, provides a unique visual insight into the ongoing story of Greek-Australia. Her photographs are never of the subject merely placed against an appropriate background.

A recent project documenting the work of a Greek Orthodox priest in Newtown, ‘Father Nektarios Soup Kitchen, that looks after the volunteers and those that visit the church hall.

Ted and Janet Payzis, Newcastle, NSW, 1986. Photo: Effy Alexakis.
Ted (Telemachos) Payzis’ father, Spiros, came to Newcastle from Ithaca around 1885. In 1912 he returned, married Kalliope Maratos, and then resettled in Australia. Ted was born in 1923.
Ted: “No disadvantages in a mixed marriage whatsoever, I feel more at home with an Australian [British-Australian lady. I was married to a Greek from Athens… it only lasted three years.”
Janet: “I married Ted in 1964… my sister married a Greek also… His family [Ted’s] didn’t accept me – still haven’t. We have a son, Jason. He was christened in the Greek Orthodox Church… One of the things I do like about the Greeks is the way they respect their dead. They dress them and stay with them. We have made a pact to do this with each other.””]
Alexakis’ new limited edition, fine art photography book, Forty Photos – A Year at a Time, will also be available.

When: 8 – 14 December, 11am – 6pm, Opening Drinks: Saturday 10 December , 2pm– 4pm

Where: The Shop Gallery, 112 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW

The exhibition poster. Photo: Supplied