Greece’s Ministry of Culture responded issued a statement on Thursday dispelling recent reports by foreign media that the Greek government and the British Museum are close to reaching an agreement that would bring the Sculptures to Greece on loan and in exchange for other objects borrowed from Greek museums.

The Ministry of Culture reaffirmed that does not recognise that the British Museum has any legal ownership rights to the Parthenon Sculptures, as they are a product of theft, stressing that this is a fixed Greek position on the issue.

“Since the beginning of its tenure, the government has acted with seriousness, responsibility, sensitivity, and effectiveness, in order to implement the national goal of the return of the Parthenon Sculptures to Athens and their reunification in the Acropolis Museum. This is undoubtedly testified by a series of events in the last two years: from UNESCO’s September 2021 decision, and the final (sine die) reunification of the Fagan fragment, to the turn in sentiment by global public opinion and its support of the Greek request,” the statement said.

“We repeat, once more, Greece’s fixed position that it does not recognize the British Museum’s right of possession, outright possession, and ownership of the Sculptures, as they are a product of theft. Therefore, the main opposition should stop expressing a frenzy of enthusiasm. We would expect, in this national effort, that small-minded party calculations would stand aside and everyone join together. Unfortunately, we are not seeing this. For some, their first goal is to harm the government, even through lies, indifferent to whether they are damaging the country. That is unfortunate,” the Ministry of Culture Concluded.

Source: AMNA