On the eve of 26 January, a statement supported by nearly 200 Greek Australians from all walks of life who reside in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane was sent to Neos Kosmos.

“People who work in education, the arts, unions, workers, students, community activists, both young and not so young have thrown their support behind the YES vote,” said Theo Markos, stressing that this is the beginning of a conversation that needs to be had with in our community and other ethnic communities.

The statement reads:

“As Australians of migrant background, and as Greek-Australians, we believe that the voice of Indigenous people should be enshrined in the constitution. The sovereignty of Australia’s First Nations has never been ceded: the Indigenous Voice should frame the Australian constitution. Colonisation has resulted in violent dispossession whose consequences continue to this day. Indigenous voices have been silenced and their views overlooked as the colonisers decide what is best for them. This must change. The time is overdue for our First Peoples to have a formal say on policies, programs and laws that directly impact on their lives.

We extend our respect and support to our Indigenous brothers and sisters, by voting YES for the establishment of a Voice to Parliament enshrined in the constitution, as outlined in the generous Uluru Statement from the Heart. The Voice is the only way to deliver real and practical advice to Parliament and the Government on how laws and policies can best improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We urge all of our fellow Australians, from every cultural background, to vote YES. Let’s make this country a fairer and more equitable place for all.”

Name     Surname     City/State

Cassandra  Alexiou     Melbourne

Petro     Alexiou     Sydney

Patricia     Aliferis      Sydney

Esther      Anatolitis     Melbourne

Voula     Anezi      Melbourne

George     Anezi      Melbourne

Emmanuel     Angelicas     Sydney

George      Athanasiou      Melbourne

Harry     Avramidis     Melbourne

Christine     Bacchiella     Sydney

Dimitris     Bairaktaris     Melbourne

Steve     Bakalis     Melbourne

Liliana     Basile     Melbourne

Sophie      Bazzano      Melbourne

Nicky      Bazzano      Melbourne

Evangelos     Bogias     Adelaide

Anna     Chatzinikolaou     Melbourne

Meni     Christofakis     Melbourne

Jordan      Colabrese      Melbourne

Betty     Coracus     Melbourne

Giovanna     Dafoulis     Melbourne

Ariadne     Daglis     Melbourne

Maria     Danos     Melbourne

Elsa     Demetriou     Melbourne

Elias     Diacolabrianos     Melbourne

Zoe     Diacolabrianos     Melbourne

Ellie     Diamantopoulos     Melbourne

Koraly     Dimitriadis     Melbourne

John     Dimitropoulos     Melbourne

Danae     Dimitropoulou     Melbourne

Maria     Dimopoulos     Melbourne

Paul     Dounias     Melbourne

Theo     Dounias     Melbourne

Tas     Dounias     Melbourne

Anthony     Dracopoulos     Sydney

Yannis     Dramitinos     Sydney

Eleni     Elefterias Kostakidis      Sydney

Christos     Fifis     Melbourne

Oscar      Galgano     Melbourne

George     Galiatsos     Athens

Angelo     Gavrielatos     Sydney

Krys     Georgiadis     Melbourne

Dimitris     Gerostamoulos     Melbourne

Olga      Geyer     Melbourne

Helen     Gianopoulos     Melbourne

Chris     Gindidis     Melbourne

Maria     Gindidis     Melbourne

Anastasia     Hantzis     Melbourne

Kyra      Hatzikosmidis     Melbourne

Harry      Isherwood     Melbourne

Andrew      Jackomos     Melbourne

Leonard     Janiszewski     Sydney

Alyson     Kakakios     Sydney

Michael     Kakakios     Sydney

Michael     Kakogiannis     Melbourne

Panos     Kalathas     Melbourne

Konstantinos     Kalymnios     Melbourne

Bill     Karabatsos     Melbourne

George      Karagiannis     Melbourne

Dimitra     Karagiannis     Melbourne

Kostas     Karamarkos     Melbourne

Athena     Karamarkos     Melbourne

Helen     Karambalis     Melbourne

Spiro     Karambalis     Melbourne

Ange     Katopodis     Melbourne

Michael      Katsavos     Melbourne

Katerina      Katsifara     Melbourne

Georgia     Katsifaras     Melbourne

Lina     Katsoumis     Sydney

Helen     Kavnoudias     Melbourne

Costas     Kazantzis     Melbourne

Helen     Kazantzis     Melbourne

Steven      Klapsinos     Melbourne

Harry      Klapsinos     Melbourne

Andrew      Klapsinos     Melbourne

Marietta     Kokkas     Melbourne

Ana     Kokkinos     Melbourne

George     Koletsis     Melbourne

Nick     Koletsis     Melbourne

Matoula     Kollaras      Sydney

Anthia     Kollaras      Sydney

George      Kolokithas     Melbourne

Chris     Kominatos     Melbourne

Lenia     Kopras     Melbourne

Danean      Kostidis     Melbourne

Apostolos     Kounelis     Melbourne

Odysseas     Kripotos     Melbourne

Tanya     Kryvonosova     Melbourne

Joanne     Kyrkilis     Melbourne

Alex     Ladopoulos     Sydney

Dimitra     Lagoudaki     Melbourne

John     Lesses     Adelaide

Anastasia     Likouresis     Melbourne

Stan     Lilimbakis     Melbourne

Evie     Liolios     Melbourne

Anastasia     Logou     Melbourne

Angelo     Loukakis     Sydney

Souza      Makrakis     Melbourne

Aggelos     Makrigiorgos     Melbourne

Filippa      Makrigiorgos     Melbourne

Thanassi      Makrigiorgos     Melbourne

Jenny     Malliaras     Sydney

Effie     Maltezos     Melbourne

Eleni     Maltezou     Melbourne

George      Maragoudakis     Melbourne

John     Marangos     Melbourne

Mark     Marcou     Melbourne

Costas     Markos     Melbourne

Theo     Markos     Melbourne

Dissio     Markos     Melbourne

Tony     Mavromatis     Melbourne

George     Messinis     Melbourne

Michalis     Michael     Melbourne

Stavros      Michael     Melbourne

Stella Andrianna      Michael      Melbourne

Maria     Milonas     Melbourne

Dionisis     Milonas     Athens

Alex     Missiris     Sydney

George     Mouratidis     Melbourne

Maria     Mouratidou     Sydney

Kostas     Mytilinis     Sydney

Leonidas     Naoumis     Brisbane

Angela     Necolades     Melbourne

Evan     Necolades     Melbourne

George      Neocleous      Melbourne

Toula     Nicolacopoulos     Melbourne

George      Nikolakakis     Melbourne

Connor      Panopoulos     Melbourne

Spiros     Papadopoulos     Melbourne

Kosta     Papazoglou     Melbourne

George     Paras     Melbourne

Phillip     Peladarinos     Melbourne

Shirley     Peshos     Sydney

Nikki     Petropoulos     Melbourne

Eleni     Petrousis     Melbourne

Nondas     Pezaros     Melbourne

Niki      Pezaros      Melbourne

Anita     Philopoulos     Melbourne

Kostas     Philopoulos     Melbourne

Angela     Pippos     Melbourne

Eleni      Pitsilioni-Alexiou     Sydney

Ilias      Plessias      Melbourne

Nikos     Portelos     Adelaide

Helen     Portelos     Adelaide

Panagiotis     Ppiros     Adelaide

Maria     Rerakis     Melbourne

Adam     Rorris     Sydney

Violet     Roumeliotis     Sydney

Peter     Roumeliotis     Sydney

Kosmas     Samaras      Melbourne

Jeanette     Sdrinis     Melbourne

Athina     Sergianis     Melbourne

Fionn     Skiotis     Melbourne

Helen      Skliros     Melbourne

Orestis     Sophocleous     Melbourne

Jorge     Sotirios     Sydney

Ilektra     Spandagou     Sydney

Eleftheria     Stathopoulou     Melbourne

Necta      Stavrakas      Melbourne

Christina      Stavrakis     Melbourne

Christina      Stergioulis     Melbourne

Natalie     Stergioulis     Melbourne

Katerina     Stevens     Melbourne

Marcelle     Tashounidis     Melbourne

Soula      Tharapos     Melbourne

Elefteria     Tharapos     Melbourne

Christine     Theodosakis     Melbourne

Persefoni     Thliveris     Sydney

Nicholas     Thliveris     Sydney

Dimitri      Torakis     Melbourne

Nick     Trakakis     Melbourne

Sofia     Triantafilidis     Melbourne

Dimitris     Troaditis     Melbourne

Nick     Tsakstiras     Melbourne

Myron     Tsaldaris     Melbourne

Michael     Tsianikas     Adelaide

Kostas     Tsingas     Melbourne

Christos     Tsiolkas     Melbourne

Eugenia     Tsoulis     Adelaide

Demeter     Tsounis     Adelaide

Dimitris     Tzoumakas     Athens

Con     Vaitsas     Sydney

Stratos     Vakkas     Melbourne

Stella     Valenzuela     Sydney

Alvaro     Valenzuela     Sydney

Liam     Vasildis-Gould     Melbourne

Olga      Vasilopoulos     Melbourne

Maree      Vasilopoulos      Melbourne

George     Vassilacopoulos     Melbourne

Nikos     Vergopoulos     Melbourne

Stacey     Xydias     Melbourne

Vasso     Zangalis     Melbourne

Stacey     Zarifopoulos     Melbourne

Π.Ο (Pi O)          Melbourne

Fotis Kapetopoulos Melbourne

Nelly Skoufatoglou Melbourne