Boasting a curriculum as diverse and unique as its students, St Monica’s College in Epping is a Catholic Secondary College serving the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The College offers a variety of modern Greek language programs for students from Years 7 – 12 (VCE), including an immersion program with Greek Language Assistants who guide learners in the process of language acquisition and cultural enrichment.

Language assistants work one – on – one with Year 12 students in order to differentiate the curriculum and attend to their learning needs, while the College’s After School Homework Program (ASH) has a Greek teacher every day that works with Greek students after school.

Students participate in two-day Retreats at the College’s Ostia Campus where they are immersed in Greek through activities practising the language, cooking Greek food and appreciating the culture.

Languages Week also facilitates a space to share Hellenic culture with non-Greek students and staff, and further cross-cultural opportunities are available through the Foreign Language Club at lunchtime gatherings held every month.

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As part of the learning process, students undertake excursions to various Greek precincts of Melbourne including visits to restaurants, museums, and historical buildings. Greek themed incursions feature dancing, plays and theatre performances with the College’s latest project being the construction of a small amphitheatre in the school’s wetlands, a tribute to the Greek theatre art.

Familiarity with the culture is developed both through modern technology, such as virtual journeys, but also via experiential activities like allowing students to make olive oil collecting olives from the school campus trees, or collaborating with local Greek primary schools to promote the language within the community.

Among the College’s upcoming undertakings? Planning a trip to Greece and hoping to establish a homestead program with a sister school based there to allow for mutual student exchange programs.

More information about the College and the curriculum options can be found on the school’s website: