A lot has changed since 1967, when the Greek Community School of Hobsons Bay (Altona Greek School) first opened its doors.

The school’s initial premises consisted of the community/church hall on Mills Street, before moving to Millers Street in 2001 and acquiring its own space some years down the track.

Within a decade, student numbers grew exponentially exceeding classroom capacity and leading to the Greek Community of Hobsons Bay embarking on the project of building a bigger state-of-the-art school.

With works completed in February 2022, the Altona Greek School is now established as a Hellenic educational hub for Melbourne’s western suburbs.

“The new building symbolises the beginning of a new era for our community school that fully meets today’s student’s needs. We have ensured that each classroom has the most up-to-date equipment in order to support the teaching process in the most effective way”, says Christos Dimitriou, President of the Greek Community of Hobsons Bay.

“Servicing our members is at the core of our community’s purpose. And children remain our priority. This is why we made the decision to transition into a free tuition model. No fees, no compromise in the quality of our offerings. Staying attuned to the needs of our students and educators, we are also introducing from this year onwards a new complete book series which will be available to our students at no charge.”

The school’s curriculum follows the VCAA guidelines for all levels, and emphasis is placed on promoting Hellenic cultural heritage elements.

Senior and new educators from both Australia and Greece work hard year after year to instil the passion for all things Hellenic to students.

Every significant celebration or historical milestone opens up learning opportunities in the classroom where Greek language meets history, mythology, literature, dance and cooking.

Far from dry language tutorials, students attending the Greek Community School of Hobsons Bay get exposed to a range of educational activities and projects inviting them to discover Greek heritage, and connect with their ancestors in a profound way that helps them build their own Greek identity.

“The team at the Greek School of Hobsons Bay, doesn’t just teach the Greek language. We initiate children to the concept of Hellenism,” says Mr Dimitriou.