When it comes to Greek Cultural Studies, Pythagoras Greek School do things a bit differently.

They don’t just teach a couple of Greek dances, instead, they delve into the rich and glorious Greek heritage and discover what it means to be Greek.

The school year always begins with the blessing performed by the priest.

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Every term, children and staff celebrating their name day, light the vigil lamp or kandilaki together and learn about the lives of the saints.

During Apokries they dress up as masquerades, even the teachers and the Principal.

After Easter, children bring their strongest red egg for the annual crack off contest.

In the third term, the ancient gods and goddesses come alive before the student’s eyes.

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At the final Christmas concert, the little ones dress up for the Nativity scene and the real Santa Claus is introduced.

One could say that at Pythagoras Greek School children are able to experience a little slice of Greece.

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