After ‘Maestro’, another Greek production, Mimi Denisi’s historical film ‘Smyrna My Beloved’, has been given the green light to enter the Netflix platform.

The announcement will be made in the coming days, and it is the first Greek film to make its entry on the popular streaming platform.

In addition to Netflix, ‘Smyrna My Beloved’ is also set to be screened in cinemas in Russia and China.

The film is based on Mimi Denisi’s play of the same name, which is about the 1922 Smyrna disaster and follows a high-society Greek woman in early 20th century Smyrna.

The feature stars an array of renowned Greek actors including Mimi Denisi, Leonidas Kakouris, Burak Hakki, Kateros Katsoulis, Katerina Geronikolou, Yannis Vogiatzis, Tamila Koulieva, Anastasia Pantousi, Christos Stergioglou.

‘Smyrna My Beloved’ was shot in Lesvos, Chios, Athens, Piraeus and Faliro. Its budget exceeded 4 million euros, which makes it the most expensive production in Greek cinema.

The film managed to win the awards for photography, set design, costume design, make-up design and special effects at the Greek Film Academy Awards 2022. It was also nominated for the Best Film and Best Director awards. Yannis Vogiatzis was also nominated for the Best Actor award, while Tamila Koulieva was nominated for the Best Actress award.